Connie Yung

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I was born in Glasgow and I have always been curious about behaviour and interactions, wondering about the causes of why we act the way we do and what makes us think and do things differently from others. This curiosity lead me to study Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow. My interest in neuroscience enhanced when I first held a human brain, knowing how significant it was to life and what it was capable of. For my undergraduate dissertation, I carried out my research project with Dr Stephanie Morand, looking at the effects of alpha oscillations in the occipitoparietal cortex on visual detection and perception. During the project, my interest in cognitive neuroscience deepened and I wanted to explore this area of research further. I have since had the opportunity to learn in vivo experiments with mice and rats. This exposure strengthened my interest in cognition and animal behavioural research. 

I am now enrolled in the research master’s degree of Integrative Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, where I am currently working in the laboratory of Dr Ann Clemens. In my master’s research project I am currently researching vocal and tactile interactions in rodent kinship behaviour.


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