Lorena Jiménez Sánchez

lorena.jimenezs AT ed.ac.uk

I was born in Madrid (Spain), where I developed an early interest in biological sciences. This led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Health Biology (Universidad de Alcalá) in 2016. My bachelor’s research focused on Parkinson’s Disease and made me curious about the brain’s mysteries. This is why I chose to do a master’s degree in Neuroscience at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2016. As part of my master’s thesis, I conducted a study of the serotonergic innervation of the striatum in an animal model of parkinsonism, which I published and presented in the FENS conference in 2018.  

With an interest in combining basic science with translational approaches, I joined the Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Translational Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh in 2019. As part as our programme’s first year rotations, I worked on brain organoids, polygenic risk for schizophrenia and cerebral small vessel disease. I’ve now joined the Kinship lab and will work with Dr Ann Clemens for my PhD, where my research will focus on the neural mechanisms of attachment in early life. I also enjoy scientific illustration and help research colleagues by making figures and illustrating their papers. 

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