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*equal contribution of authors

¥corresponding author

invited talks

2023Francis Crick InstituteLondon
2023Institute for Behavioural Neuroscience, University College LondonLondon
2023EBBS MeetingAmsterdam
2023Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience SchoolTransylvania
2023Neural Systems and Behaviour Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
2023Verona Hippocampus MeetingVerona
2022Pavlovian Society Meeting, Social Behavior SymposiumMilwaukee
2022European Behavioral Pharmacology Society, Social Behavior WorkshopRome
2022Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience SchoolTransylvania
2022Kings College Centre for Developmental NeuroscienceLondon
2022Neural Systems & Behavior Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
2022Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Neuronal CircuitsCSHL
2021ACNP invited symposium Lateral Septum: From Ontogeny to Functions in Motivated Behaviors Puerto Rico
2021Society for Neuroscience Meeting Symposium
‘Systems Neuroscience of Natural Behaviors in Rodents’
2021Symposium on Social BehaviorsAlicante
2021Neural Systems & Behavior Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
202123rd Meeting of International Society for Developmental NeuroscienceVirtual
2021Edinburgh University Student Neurological SocietyEdinburgh+
2021Illinois State University, Neuroscience and Physiology DeptNormal+
2021Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, GermanyMagdeberg+
2020NeuroNovember ConventionRishikesh+
2020Neuromatch 3.0 Keynote Symposium
‘Family, risk, and fear in decision’
2020Society for Neuroscience Meeting Symposium
‘Systems Neuroscience of Natural Behaviors in Rodents’
2020Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain Advisory Board Edinburgh+
2020Nencki Systems Neuroscience Seminar SeriesWarsaw+
2020Grass Fellowship Lab MeetingWoods Hole+
2020University of Edinburgh, Simons Initiative for the Developing BrainEdinburgh
2020Institute for Behavioural Neuroscience, University College LondonLondon
2019Caesar, Max Planck Institute for NeuroethologyBonn
2019Sainsbury Wellcome CentreLondon
2019EMBO Workshop on non-standard animal modelsBerlin
2019Max Planck Research Unit for NeurogeneticsFrankfurt
2019Neural Systems & Behavior Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
2019FENS Winter School on Instinctive & Innate BehavioursObergurgl
2018Neural Systems & Behavior Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
2018ICM Brain and Spine InstituteParis
2018University of FreiburgFreiburg
2017Neural Systems & Behavior Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
2016New York UniversityNYC
2016Neural Systems & Behavior Course, Marine Biological LaboratoryWoods Hole
2015Barrels XXVII at Northwestern UniversityChicago
2012Institute for Neuroscience SymposiumAustin


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